Show Gallery

Welcome to Rushmere Miniature Schnauzers' Show Gallery.


In 2018, we have not competed often due to other responsibilities and “Life”.  As at June 2018, we had only shown around 6 weekends of shows. Despite this, our team has done tremendously well under local, interstate and international panels of Judges.  Perhaps as the weather warms up, we can decide how often we campaign our team.


On this page, you will see many photos of our Miniature Schnauzers with the Judges who honoured us with their appreciation and recognition of our breed type, soundness in body and mind and duly awarded them so highly. 

Out of the last 4 consecutive Schnauzer Club of Victoria Specialty Championship Shows our team was awarded:

1 x Best in Specialty Show 1st

2 x Best in specialty Show 2nd

2 x Specilaty Best of Breed

                        3 x Best of Breed Runner up in Specialty Show

3 x times Specialty Dog Challenge Certificates (CCs)

1 x Specialty Bitch Challenge Certificates (CCs)

3 x Specialty Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificates (CCs)

Our honour of winning the 2017 Number 1 Victorian Show Dog Breeder of the year and winning the 2017 Australia's Number 1 (Morgan), number 2 (Bentley) and number 6 (Charlotte) Rising Stars Miniature Schnauzers of the year would not have been possible without the awards from all these esteemed Judges! Thank you all very much for your recognistion and encouragement!

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