What to look for in a Breeder

So... you are looking to buy a Miniature Schnauzer puppy?

What are you buying into?


These days, the number of "Breeders" are astronomical.  This is not concentric to our wonderful and beautiful breed of Miniature Schnauzers, but in numerous other breeds.  To that end, how do you choose what is best for you in terms of budget, health, temperament and lets not forget beauty in body, mind and soul.

Generally speaking, there are many factors that influences a person or group of persons' decision.

If you don't care about where your puppy comes from in terms of how they are cared for including, diet, love and attention, health tests and good Veterinarian care a reputable Breeder provides for their fur babies, perhaps it may be an easy search.  However, if you genuinely care about all the above plus other qualities in a Breeder and their fur babies, then we would recommend putting some time and thought on what you should look for.

Things we would look for include (Not exhaustive):

  • Does your selected Breeder have a health and dietary progamme in place?
  • What is the Breeder's care program for their dogs?
  • Do they provide a good balance diet or not?
  • Do they test for known genetic health factors, especially cataracts?
  • Do the Breeder treat their furbabies just as "Breeding Stock"?
  • Do they provide sufficient access to excercise and play?
  • Where do their dogs sleep during the day and overnight?
  • Are they open to answer questions in a friendly, professional, and transparent manner?
  • Are they open to giving post sale guidance and support?
  • Have you met the Breeders or plan to meet the Breeders?
  • Does your Breeder work or do they just breed for a living?  This may give you insights into the drivers behind their breeding program.
  • How many litters does the breeder have from each of their females? Show Breeders are meant to breed to continue good bloodlines and for show prospects, not for profit.
  • Does your breeder actively participate in Conformation Dog Show at the Metropolitan All Breed Championship Shows and Schnauzer Specialty Championship Shows?  Show Breeders show demonstrate active participation in conformation dog shows to assess the quality of their dogs against the other Breeders’ dogs. 
  • Do your Breeder show you evidence of the original certificates of health and pedigree documents?
  • What steps has your Breeder put in place to guarantee that the puppy you're getting matches the papperwork they give you?

It's always good to see evidence of where puppies and their adults actually live.  Its very easy to tell once you are able to visit.  Perhaps photos are a great way to see the environment so that you can verify the environment when you visit their homes/premises.  What type of fun and mental stimulations do the Breeders provide for their puppies and older dogs.

A good and caring Breeder will make every effort to provide various mental stimulating activities to all their fur babies in an effort to to make the babies transitions into their new family homes as seamless, comfortable, happy and fun for the babies and their families.

What about the character of the Breeder you have approached?  Are they impartial, none-bias and realistic about their dogs?  Beware of Breeders who are quick to judge other Breeders and dogs as this demonstrates lack of integrity, honour, professionalism.  

Last but not least, speak to as many Breeders as possible and use your own professional judgment and intuition to assess the Breeders.  As a legal and tax expert, evidence-based assessment is quintessential and highly desirable.